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DJ and Lighting


DJ and Lighting

Do you have a great show but need to add some flash. We can help with DJ and Lighting solutions. American DJ has great lighting for a vast assortment of needs. If it is Mobile DJ, Clubs or permanent installs National Speaker can get you the solution you are looking for. Moving head lighting, washes, Spots, pin spots and special effects are all achievable with American DJ.

You can use Sound activation, DMX even Wireless DMX. DMX enables you to connect lights together and control them from each other, or from your computer. Tree mounted systems or truss systems are also available. LED lighting has take over, lighting systems are light cool and affordable.

It is a long running argument between the lighting and sound crews, “it is all about sound”… “it is all about lights”… when really you need both. One with out the other makes it less of a show. Integrating lights into your live show or your DJ sets is a competitive advantage over the other guys. For touring, club and instal Elation Professional offers higher end options.

We also offer American DJ and Denon CD decks and computer based DJ controllers.

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