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Recording Gear


Recording Gear

At National Speaker we are so excited to be expanding our store into Recording Gear. The Home recording studio, has become a musician’s work place and playground, giving the individual musician a place to work and create his own masterpieces. Creating a world class sound in the past could take hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars. With a DAW like Avid’s Pro Tools, or Presonus’s Studio One and an incredible audio Interface and great preamps, you can now capture, create, record, mix and master right in your home. Add a fantastic pair of monitors, some great Plugins, and all you have to do is bring the talent.

We believe strongly in the creativity of our fellow musicians. Supporting your efforts, we are opening our showroom Studio shortly and we are going to offer you a feel of what you can do in your home by giving you a hands on experience to play and record on a professional and affordable rig that we have and can help you build.

We are holding workshops once a month for home recording artists and bands to come in and see what is possible. If you or your band want to record, call us and let us know what you want to do. We will work out a time for you to come down and you can try it all out. Call us for details.

We truly want to help with our local community of musicians. This is an opportunity for us to say thank you and have a great time with you. You get to track a song (or two) and get a feel for what is possible. You can leave with the tracks and share them with your friends.